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15 April 2013 @ 08:44 am
Hi everyone! This community is moderated thus membership is only open to LJ users. Don't worry we won't really reject requests, just that, we want you to take time and read our rules, to know what is the community all about.


★ All posts must be Okamoto Kauan related.

For sale post/s, ask for permission first :)
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★ Be friendly. Respect the artist/idol, fellow fangirls and/or other members. Insults and rude comments/posts in any form will be deleted right away.

★ That's it. Before sending us your request to join, please comment below this post your dets.

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Then click JOIN. Enjoy!
Note: We will try our best to update this community more often than not.
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24 May 2013 @ 10:37 pm
May 24, 2013! Kauan just turned 17 today!!! This is the first time that we celebrated his birthday since he entered the agency.
Otanjoubi omedetou Kauan!!!

Dear mods, not sure if this post is okay here.
26 April 2013 @ 11:46 pm
Hi everyone! You will surely love this.

Our dearest junior, will grace his first cover in a Johnny's mag, MYOJO JULY ISSUE.
Wow, Johnny-san is really pushing him in front. And I ain't even mad about it /grins

He will be with Bakaleya members Jesse and Matsumura Hokuto, his co-junior in Nagoya, Hirano Sho and fellow juniors, Iwahashi Genki, and Jinguji Yuta :)))

Who's excited? OMG.

On the side note, as a Bakaleya6 fan, I am somewhat disheartened. It's pretty obvious now that the Bakaleya fever is done. They're pushing Hoku and Jesse together. We can still see Yugo, Shin and Juri together in SC, and Taiga, he was on his own again. Oh please, let them be together. Sorry for ranting!

(c) http://joanyaan.tumblr.com/post/48917915388/fhgafljhbjlabnlsfjn-im-definitely-gonna-order
26 April 2013 @ 02:38 pm
Okamoto Kauan translation


"I guess I am somewhat associated with Yamada-kun."

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babies* I think what he was referring to is his little brothers.

Photo credits to Admiradores e Fãs de Kauan Okamoto.
Translation credits to riseyuuko

Thank you for reading! Comments are appreciated. I can see his following Yamada's image as well.
For those who bought MYOJO June issue, maybe you want to share Okamoto Kauan scans? Pretty please. :P

Note: When quoting or using the translation in any form, please don't forget to credit. Thanks.

15 April 2013 @ 12:05 pm
(c) to the owner (tumblr)
(c) tumblr owner

Name: Okamoto Kauan (岡本カウアン)
Nickname: Ka-kun
Birthdate: May 24, 1996
Nationality: Half Japanese, Half Brazilian
Height: 170cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood type: O
Haircolor: Brown
Skincolor: White
Family: Mother, father, two younger brothers
Horoscope: Gemini
Language: Portuguese, Japanese (Business), Engrish
Joined Johnnys: February 2012
Favorite Artist/s: Justin Bieber
Admired senpai: Yamada Ryosuke
Groups: Twenty-twenty
Careers: Sophia International Model - Japan
What do you enjoy most about? I can speak Portuguese
Type of woman: good smell
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Edited 05.05.13
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